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 It's almost the end of October and you know what that means. Cause I don't, I really need help with this one. Anyway, thank you guys very much for playing the server in the past week after I thought I was going to quit you brought a little happiness to me! But that happiness slowly died off when I was forced to update every plugin, buff a few things, change this, change that. That's beside the point, the point is I've done some work over the past couple of days that aren't huge but have some effects on gameplay. Here they are!





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 As everyone is aware I have stopped working on the server since September 11th, but there's been a surge in players/activity and I want to address that. So what is going to happen since people are joining? Well, I'm going to update things!


Few key changes


  • Movecraft
    • Update Speeds of airships
    • Possibly add more airship/reduce sizes
  • Towny
    • Change Town start cost
    • Update upkeep
    • Update the plugin for patches
    • Tweak the number of claims per players for towns
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Recently, again, I went away but fear not we have fixed some major issues with the server and added a few new features. Currently, we are going to start preparing a brand new update from either this week or next week. We also enlisted a few developers and might be adding some custom features in the future. As for now, we are just planning new feature.




  • Server
    • Updated server to 1.16.2
      • For best performance please use 1.16.2. 
    • Added support for 1.9-1.16.2
  • Spawn ...
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As said before we have added an easy way for users to sync accounts from our server to our discord server! This feature will be vital in the future and when buying ranks at our store. This feature, along with role sync, brings server status and player messages to our discord server in #server.


Important info


  • New channel
    • This channel will have player count, join/leave messages, and chat messages stored.
    • It's recommended to mute this channel to avoid spam
    • In the future we might add Discord -> Server messaging.
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If you didn't know I was gone away for a bit, during this time I thought of new ideas that may come to the server in the near future. Besides that when I came back I started working on fixing bugs and some glitches with plugins. Over the next week or so I will attempt to fix anything that may be around while adding some small features. Without further ado, he's what's new!

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