Patch Notes - 08/29/20



If you didn't know I was gone away for a bit, during this time I thought of new ideas that may come to the server in the near future. Besides that when I came back I started working on fixing bugs and some glitches with plugins. Over the next week or so I will attempt to fix anything that may be around while adding some small features. Without further ado, he's what's new!


  • Spawn
    • New spawn courtesy of Serza
    • Fixed players being able to break/place blocks
    • Fixed players being able to use doors/trapdoors
    • Void fall disabled (broken currently)
  • Jobs
    • Fixed jobs not giving money/xp
    • Changed /jobs browse messages
  • SinglePlayerSleep
    • Added SinglePlayerSleep
    • Allows 1 player to skip to day
  • Movecraft
    • Added Movecraft
    • Currently, we are using the default configs. Custom ones coming soon!

1.16.2 Update


Minecraft 1.16.2 update released a bit ago with some cool new features. We avoided updating due to a major map conversion glitch from 1.15.2 -> 1.16.2 and 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2. We have gotten word that the Paper 1.16.2 has released with this glitch patched. Currently, we are waiting a bit longer for more bugs to be patched. In the meantime, you can play our server on 1.9 - 1.16.2 while our server is running 1.16.1. 



Robert - Admin