Server <-> Discord Sync!



As said before we have added an easy way for users to sync accounts from our server to our discord server! This feature will be vital in the future and when buying ranks at our store. This feature, along with role sync, brings server status and player messages to our discord server in #server.


Important info


  • New channel
    • This channel will have player count, join/leave messages, and chat messages stored.
    • It's recommended to mute this channel to avoid spam
    • In the future we might add Discord -> Server messaging.
  • How to sync roles
    1. Join the server
    2. In-game do /discord link 
    3. Copy the code given in-game
    4. DM the RevivalMC bot with your code
    5. There! You've done it!

Syncing ranks are not instant so please allow up to 30mins for the changes to take effect. If your role hasn't been added/removed contact a member of staff.