Patch Notes - 09/07/20



Recently, again, I went away but fear not we have fixed some major issues with the server and added a few new features. Currently, we are going to start preparing a brand new update from either this week or next week. We also enlisted a few developers and might be adding some custom features in the future. As for now, we are just planning new feature.




  • Server
    • Updated server to 1.16.2
      • For best performance please use 1.16.2. 
    • Added support for 1.9-1.16.2
  • Spawn
    • Fixed VoidTeleport
    • Disabled Towny in spawn
      • /t spawn, /t list and /t outpost still work
    • Moved Spawn Point
    • Special Thanks to Serza for the spawn (again)
  • Towny
    • Fixed various commands crashing client
    • Fixed Towns not having home blocks
  • Updating to 1.16.2
    • Fixed Silk Spawners being broke
    • Fixed Movecraft
  • Server <-> Discord sync
    • Fixed Server -> Discord sync
    • /discord link now syncs roles right away
    • Server now has role priority
    • Added join/leave messaged in Discord
      • Will add chat message soon!


As it is September 7th, school for most might've started but where I live school starts on the 8th. Because of this we will have a 50% off sale from today until Friday at 11:59 pm EST.


Thanks for joining!
- Robert C