Da Future!



 As everyone is aware I have stopped working on the server since September 11th, but there's been a surge in players/activity and I want to address that. So what is going to happen since people are joining? Well, I'm going to update things!


Few key changes


  • Movecraft
    • Update Speeds of airships
    • Possibly add more airship/reduce sizes
  • Towny
    • Change Town start cost
    • Update upkeep
    • Update the plugin for patches
    • Tweak the number of claims per players for towns
  • Spawn
    • Remove the spawn (Thanks Serza for the amazing build!)
      • This will help reduce the amount of ram/CPU power required to keep it running (less lag)
        • On top of this, player inventories will be safer since it will be handled by minecraft.
        • Due to warned issues may occur, a warning will be made prior to this
      • Also, it's not really needed
    • Random Teleport on the first join will be added
    • A guide book/wiki will be drafted for new players
      • Just basic things like making money, creating a town, etc..
  • Other stuff
    • Mcmmo will be updated to include the new 1.16.X items
    • The server will be updated to 1.16.3
    • Admin shop might be looked into
      • Suggestions 
    • More to come later on


These new features/updates will hopefully be added by Wednesday, October 28th.



Robert C