Patch Notes - 10/30/20



 It's almost the end of October and you know what that means. Cause I don't, I really need help with this one. Anyway, thank you guys very much for playing the server in the past week after I thought I was going to quit you brought a little happiness to me! But that happiness slowly died off when I was forced to update every plugin, buff a few things, change this, change that. That's beside the point, the point is I've done some work over the past couple of days that aren't huge but have some effects on gameplay. Here they are!




  Movecraft was very hard to actually touch since we had no idea what to do. But we found out how! We changed a few values to the default configs and added a new ship called Jet which will be in between Airskiff and Airship. 


Movecraft info



Other info

  • All plugins have been updated to 1.16.3
  • Spawn
    • We fully removed the spawn
    • New first join is an RTP in the main world
  • Shop
    • We reduced prices to better reflect our small server
    • The cheapest rank is now $2.99
    • A Halloween sale will happen at 12 am EST on October 31st and end at 11:59 pm EST. This sale will be 25% off
  • Voting
    • Fixed the voting links in-game 
    • New rewards
      • $500
      • 500xp
      • 1 Diamond
  • Towny
    • Adjusted prices based on 5k/day by any player
      • Town
        • 25k per new town
        • 1k per new outpost
        • $100/claim ($50 refund)
        • $25/bonus claim
      • Nation
        • 25k per new nation
  • McMMO
    • Updated to 1.16.3
    • Increased chance of gun powder drop
  •  Jobs
    • Updated to 1.16.3
    • Going to be changing around the design of the menu to make things easier
  • Sleeping
    • Updated to 1.16.3 (like everything else)
    • Changed from 1 player sleep to 1/3 of the server.
      • Can change later
  • Deleted 6 plugins


New start


  Since I was planning to shut the server down I didn't really give any thought as what to add. Currently we are still searching of some possibilities, at the moment we plan to add nothing. But we have a couple of ideas that might soon be tested out such as:

  • Guns
  • Casino
  • Chestshops
  • Brewery
  • Custom Enchants
  • And lastly, Cannons.

Now we aren't sold on any ideas but these are just some concepts, as always we encourage you to post your suggestions in our discord (! 



Robert C